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My fridge.

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Fuck fuck fuck. I just lost a gargantuan post on mobile because I left to check something on Wikipedia. Shit. I was complaining. It was a complaint post. About limping. About how I’ll have to have surgery because I had a setback causing boatloads of pain. It had complaints about still not having my 160 GB iPod back. It had a vivid description about my stent removal. It had a thing about hating every mention of Eldritch Palmer on The Strain because it reminds me that they chose to make that show instead of a miniseries event for The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch which would be incredibly better. Anyway. I’m on a sitting break because I was limping around campus and I was in too much pain to continue. Now that I’ve written two long posts, one of which fucked up, I think I might be able to keep going. I fucking need surgery fuck

Tomorrow’s TotD is from my favorite Elliott Smith album. Check it out

i’m really struggling to figure out how to word this… jerry garcia and daniel kessler play guitar exactly how you’d expect them to just based on their respective styles… garcia’s movements were quiet and cheery, kessler is hip and ultra-cool

so i lean liberal, there’s no question about it.. anyway. did Paul Ryan blow his chance at the 2016 Republican presidential nom by running at VP with Mitt? if i worked for the RNC i’d be pushing him as my top dog/number one young gun. in other news, i guarantee a democrat will win. if it’s Clinton, even though Elizabeth Warren would be awesome, she’ll win. no contest. no candidate the GOP can throw up there has anywhere near the foreign policy experience as Clinton. politics post