Amalgamate of Horror

Human / Outer Space Potato Man

Maine or Hovering Squid World 97A

freaks and geeks is great and all, but rewatching it has me feeling very uncomfortable during martin starr’s eating scenes. just because he’s a ‘geek’ doesn’t mean he has to chew with his mouth WIDE OPEN. i don’t remember any of these horrifying eating scenes from him in party down

matt walsh really made the rounds this week on earwolf.

Not sure how this is elsewhere, but in Maine you can tell who’s from a rural community when they have the appearance of a rat. Is this due to ancestral inbreeding? Probably

Ugh. There are white people embarrassing the rest of us white people by talking about their ‘ethnic heritage.’ Are you Irish and Scottish? Oh wow, I bet you really celebrate the cultural traditions of Ireland and Scotland, don’t you?
You’re fucking American, it goes no further than that. You just sound like an arrogant/ignorant ass and this is why ethnicity groups rightfully make fun of white people.