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the jeans and topless look is very, very good. very good


oh mulder nymeriya:

oh mulder


oh mulder

Day 10 as master of my domain. The thing the don’t tell you about kidney stones and the following stent surgery is the extent of the additional pain from bolas azules.

Keep those submissions rolling in. Anytime you give me something I have to go look up gives me a momentary lapse of memory that helps temporarily forget I have a stent raising hell inside my body. Oof, this muthafucka hurts.

The most influential movie of all time.

Wow. A film I’ve never heard of. And Wikipedia tells me Tarantino is a fan. Interesting submission indeed.



Warner Bros has released a new Mad Max: Fury Road poster just in time for 2014 San Diego Comic Con International!!

Two words - “V-8 INTERCEPTOR”!!!! Fuck yeah!!!


Old followers or new followers, I’ve never received a submission in the four or so years I’ve had this blog. Feel free to end the streak with whatever. Like a picture of a potato or magic johnson or something cheerful or anything to get my mind off this devastating pain please.