Back to original diagnosis. 50-60% chance it heals with prescription, otherwise surgery.

Today ended up being really cool. I was out in the sun scraping paint and my boss tells me to come in for a minute. First I got to meet a lobbyist who gave me his number and said he’d hook me up with someone to job shadow. Then they had a going away lunch for me in the restaurant where they had salad and fruit for me and meatball subs for the other three guys. Then my boss gave me $100 out of nowhere.
Now I have a doctors appointment, need to get another tie and have to pick up my sister at the airport. But still, that was really cool and surprising.

Tarantino movie posters as gifs

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Left my iPod in the car even though I really need to charge it. Oh well. Life goes on. I’ll charge it before summer doctor appointment number ten or so tomorrow. Uhhh I just remembered I have to pick up my lame sister at the airport tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Aaron Paul as an actor, but he seems like a try-hard when it comes to fashion.

I got a bunch of money from relatives because something is apparently different about me since last week or even yesterday. And I’ve ordered my new MacBook Pro, but since I got an upgrade on the processor it won’t arrive until after I get to school. Same goes for the headphones I ordered: Audio Technica ATH-M50x plus a Slappa hardbody case. But boy when I get all this crap will I be a happier guy. Plus painkillers lighten my mood a bit.

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